Saturday, March 31, 2012

I realized

I realized

I realized one of the hardest things I had to do was let the one who’ve hurt me go.
It was like pain and sorrow became all of me.
Letting the one who I once thought loved and cared for me go, felt like my heart got beaten repeatedly. 
I trusted you with everything and all you did was give me your lies and betrayal in return.
Flashbacks to the sorrow hit me again. It was like a rush of reality came breezing by to save me.
All the lies, pain and constant abuse, mentally I thought back and didn’t want to re-live through all of that again
Constantly asking myself this question while tears flowed down my gloomy face
How and why could I LOVE someone who enjoyed hurting me?
Now I know not to question myself or ask why? But to realize the truth was in my face the answers staring at me “Echoing loud and clear Saying: “You need to go back to LOVING yourself and to never let that GO”.
I realized that I needed to look deeper within, to never allow someone to steal my happiness ever again.

By: Poetic_Butterfly
© C.P 2012


Sunday, April 25, 2010

As I


As I ……
 As I sit here and think of all the shit people in my life have said .
I think to myself, how in the hell did I get to this place of emotional darkness once again ?
Why I’ve  succumb to laying alone at night with crying tears in my bed?
I think of  hidden up pain, built up anger and sadness, mental and emotional frustration and suppression.
Just all the things that I have unfortunately decided to keep within myself as my trust for tons of people, is now not a part of my ungiven action and unreturned satisfaction.
Damn,  I ask  again why and when the fuck …did I get here again? To this unforeseen place of gloomy and internal darkness where the shadow of a person that I see at times is ME.
I think of all the people from my life who the uttered words saying ” I will be there” but now walk around and leave me with no  real Fucking care. I begin to think again to myself “Why are the ones whom you love and trust…. are the ones whom hold the most power to HURT you?
Hmm, or is it just me that has given those close; the power of hurting me, I don’t know and wonder if I truly care?  You see I’ve now decided to allow my heart and I too grow into an element of being  cold .
Go without the good understanding of emotions and even potential real feelings,
To stop myself from potentially caring and loving so much to be in a dusty box and not being fucking touched. Hmm, I have decided to allow myself to go this far.
And at the end I have realized it’s just me and myself and I with my soul again; that I was discarded with no real  hope, destination and outlet. I feel like it’s gone just like the person that use I be..... which was all of me.
So as I lay here in this bed with all this hidden deepen emotion…. I keep in mind to know not to have any major huge expectations of anyone because it always leads itself to some type of disappointment. When you have no expectations, plus added no disappointment, it equals to no future heartache and pain.
By: Poetic_Butterfly
 © C.P 2010

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Sensation

--> -->The Sensation in my Pussy

The Sensation in my pussy is like…. Hhmmmmmm
Well let me explain this magnificent isshhhhh out
It’s so damn….. Owwwwwww
I am just soo  owww….turned on, thinking about it
It’s all good and great
That the conversations that I covet
Got this pussy HERE…. Going intensely insane
 Feeling all greatly at ease…. Without no pain or undone need
Dang in the morning, and the night
Damn near all the time
My sensational pussy ….
is calling me out for its satisfaction

It’s telling me
No more teasing…. give it…… it’s pleasing
It’s moaning out its lustrous Alba’s
It’s …. aaaaaaaahhhhh
Talking passionate tongues known to us as sweet treasures
Screaking escapades… Melodic
Giving me nothing more better
Owwww! How I LOVE the sweet sensations in my pussy
Can you feel me?
It’s so necessary
That the joy and pose….
that it possess is so legendary
Never secondary my flow, its tone, is so repertory
It’s loving …… but is never secondary
But always primary …..
My sensational snazzy…. Artsy, pussymatic and never fazzie
Pussy creates art, stars and nevertheless glows on the planet called Mars
It’s all of these things because it’s just so sensational
Yet it’s so impeccable…. Delectable…
and a…. spectacle love art of cookie
All a part of a divine precious sweet scrumptious Nookie
Owwww! How I LOVE the many sensations in my pussy.
The sweet many…
 but never duplicated achings in my kitty
Which equals the lovely Sensations in my very own pussy…

                            By: Poetic Butterfly 
©  C.P  09/19/2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

With Myself


With Myself
When I touch my body
All I want to do at times is please myself
I caress myself, Fuck myself and always eventually make love to myself
As I touch myself I think about past lovers, future ones and even imaginary ones
Licking my sweet pussy juices off my fingertips, playfully touching my two lovely breasts
I truly become mused and divine with all this pleasure that I am giving myself
It’s no secret that when I get in this zone I cum and cum
Even harder than I eventually did before
But I only CUM for myself and only with myself
Lights go on or even off….. I set the mood
It’s my personal fuck or shall I say my own sexual freaky affair
I have become my greatest lover by far and my only true one to date
So when I am with myself it’s only a situation
That only you, I or anyone else can imagine.
By: Poetic Butterfly 

©  C.P 08/15/2009

" I have to ....."

I have to ….
I have to get this outta my system
He doesn't know what he's doing to me
He doesn't even understand
Oh, why is it so hard for me to get you outta of my system?
Dang, what's all of this commotion and confusion?
Really I gotta let this go?
Please I need this closure
Let me go!!!!!!!!
For the sake of my sanity
I need this!!!
 I wanna let go
Oh! Oh! How he just doesn't know
Apart of myself breaks when you're on my mind.
I want the pleasure of not having you on my mind
You don't know what you've done to me
So I'm letting you outta of system
Before it takes full control of me

By: Poetic Butterfly 

©  C.P 07/2007

"The Name of the Game"


The name of the game"
Before you can open up to say hello, I'll tell you goodbye.
That's just the name of the game.
I'll get mines, before you get yours.
No ultimate real reason
There's no explanation needed.
That's just how it can be.
If you take a step back and realize shit for what it's really worth.
Trust to know
you can't really be oblivious to the facts.
If you are then,
you're walking into a fool's paradise with problems at your tail.
It's from my own personal experience... it's best for you too wise up.
I can tell you it's all a game plan for,
which if it goes well you're going to get played, laided and left.
Pretty shady huh? Ask the many who play this game how can they go on.
It's known that you can't hate the player or the game
because at the end ….it is what it is called the name of just a game.
Be smart and don't listen to everything a person may say for your next to getting played in the game; filled with sex, lies and deceptions.
By:   Poetic Butterfly     
©  C.P  04/11/2008

"I Thank You"

I thank you
I thank you for doing what you had to do or shall I say meant to do
Letting me go so a better man could actually come through
Being together wasn’t meant  
For   nor I or you
I really congratulate that part of you,
Yet I actually thank you for doing what the hell you had to do
Which was break my heart
My heart was broken
But it will be okay and repaired, yet even better to be available for that real true love again.
But I’m cool
You acting brand new
So like I said it’s cool,
I’m much more of a stronger woman cause of you 
Shit even better than you fucking knew
I can’t promise you anything or my every thing
But like I said this I’ll keep the flashing good moments of you
I’ll do what I have to do which is keep the shit fucking cool
 To let go and move the hell on with life minusing you
In time I’ll be completely fine
Also at times I may even be hurt and shit untwined
But I’m a firm believer that all the things in life happens for a really good reason

So once again I’ll say this I thank you for being brand new
Acting like things were fucking cool, saying you” Loved me”, or “I loved you too” and with all that extra good shit with me as your fool.
(When shit wasn’t really true or in which I may and say add, was a case load of bullshit .....which of course fits you)

Me showing you loyalty, support and love wasn’t basically enough for you, and realizing that I, me, we and us………. can’t nor won’t be ……………or  even be, yet.. Ever ……fucking enough for you.

 Yes! I’m truly thankful, yet I am again  forever grateful for all of this cause it showed me that someone like me, couldn't never, nor wouldn’t ever be ... Simply enough for you!

Thank you, Best wishes and nice fucking life!

Signed Bitter
But will be...... even  fucking....better now that your not apart of  my new life!

By: Poetic_Butterfly 

©  C.P  05/20/2009


©  C.P  05/20/2009