Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Sensation

--> -->The Sensation in my Pussy

The Sensation in my pussy is like…. Hhmmmmmm
Well let me explain this magnificent isshhhhh out
It’s so damn….. Owwwwwww
I am just soo  owww….turned on, thinking about it
It’s all good and great
That the conversations that I covet
Got this pussy HERE…. Going intensely insane
 Feeling all greatly at ease…. Without no pain or undone need
Dang in the morning, and the night
Damn near all the time
My sensational pussy ….
is calling me out for its satisfaction

It’s telling me
No more teasing…. give it…… it’s pleasing
It’s moaning out its lustrous Alba’s
It’s …. aaaaaaaahhhhh
Talking passionate tongues known to us as sweet treasures
Screaking escapades… Melodic
Giving me nothing more better
Owwww! How I LOVE the sweet sensations in my pussy
Can you feel me?
It’s so necessary
That the joy and pose….
that it possess is so legendary
Never secondary my flow, its tone, is so repertory
It’s loving …… but is never secondary
But always primary …..
My sensational snazzy…. Artsy, pussymatic and never fazzie
Pussy creates art, stars and nevertheless glows on the planet called Mars
It’s all of these things because it’s just so sensational
Yet it’s so impeccable…. Delectable…
and a…. spectacle love art of cookie
All a part of a divine precious sweet scrumptious Nookie
Owwww! How I LOVE the many sensations in my pussy.
The sweet many…
 but never duplicated achings in my kitty
Which equals the lovely Sensations in my very own pussy…

                            By: Poetic Butterfly 
©  C.P  09/19/2009


Jaye Develle said...

I love this one its very sexy =)

Poetic_Butterfly said...

Thank you for the comment... I appreciate it alot.. your my first comment... stay tune for more to CUM:)

Tellmeasecret said...

I think I just came,lol. To be a sensation inside your pussy has got to be a beautiful thing, damn this sexy

Love Doctor said...

great work! Feel free to post your work on my website

~Doctor Lover

Cook.ThePoet. said...

You have an award waiting for you on my page =]


JC said...

Very erotic and evocative. Nicely done.

I am following your blog back. Thanks for following me.

E. Harrison said...

Loved this write Lady Butterfly!! It's always a pleasure to gain insight into a woman's mind!! Keep it up!!


Wow!! This sounds like you were typing with one hand, while the other played the strings of your love instrument!! Nice, very nice.

TemptingSweets99 said...

Love this!

msbrown813 said...


Don said...

Wow...gripping poetry.

This poem should be considered illegal. Lol.