Saturday, March 31, 2012

I realized

I realized

I realized one of the hardest things I had to do was let the one who’ve hurt me go.
It was like pain and sorrow became all of me.
Letting the one who I once thought loved and cared for me go, felt like my heart got beaten repeatedly. 
I trusted you with everything and all you did was give me your lies and betrayal in return.
Flashbacks to the sorrow hit me again. It was like a rush of reality came breezing by to save me.
All the lies, pain and constant abuse, mentally I thought back and didn’t want to re-live through all of that again
Constantly asking myself this question while tears flowed down my gloomy face
How and why could I LOVE someone who enjoyed hurting me?
Now I know not to question myself or ask why? But to realize the truth was in my face the answers staring at me “Echoing loud and clear Saying: “You need to go back to LOVING yourself and to never let that GO”.
I realized that I needed to look deeper within, to never allow someone to steal my happiness ever again.

By: Poetic_Butterfly
© C.P 2012



TemptingSweets99 said...

Wonderfully written and so true. I love the ending.

O (TheWriter) said...

Nice. This is a must read for those whom have been hurt by someone they trusted & loved.

O' TheWriter

E. Harrison said...

Your pain I could feel. Many of us trod that same path... It's what we do after we get off the path which heals us. Love it my Queen Poetess.

tellmeasecret said...

pain is our teacher, it reminds us no matter how much it hurts we still alive. Thanks for lettins us peak into your private pages. write on, write on

Amative Minded said...

Very nice! Im glad you learned your lesson and decided to create a better tomorrow for yourself. Im proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem thoughts are deep and beautiful at the same time

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem thoughts are deep and beautiful at the same time

Reggie Kray said...

Affairs of the heart are truly a thing that God created. Everything he does is perfect. Love and being in love is a perfect thing that have trials and test to help us all reach the level of love that God truly wants us to have. Loving anything in this world is truly multitasking every feeling and emotion God gave us. Great post


JC said...

A very cogent post!

msbrown813 said...

Me and Mr Wrong get along so good even tho he breaks my heart so bad.... I feel you on this. Nice!

1manview said...

We have to love to appreciate life givings. Sometimes we love the wrong person, but as long as you keep loving oneself, only good will become of it. A heartfelt piece, but lovely write...

As you would say
keep writing...

Mrs Q said...

Sometimes we are too busy holding on to things without realizing that God is trying to break us free. Very well put! God bless you and your talent girl.

fredjohnson0285 said...

That was nice, it great when people realize that before you can find love, you need love yourself. I always enjoy reading you work. I hope to start seeing a lot more from you.

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drew :) said...

Damnnnnnnnnnn I can feel the emotion... Damn... Again... Thats some real stuff right there... Keep up the good work dear :)

Public Spanking said...

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PJ said...

Beautiful writting, I can feel so much emotion in this poem. Sorry you had to go through all that! Ty for sharing! God Bless

Daniel Walker said...

This needs to be recited by every person who needs to let someone go until they truly let that person go. This piece is raw and timeless.

Ulisses Reis ® said...

Do not let anyone make you pewla life that has passed since learned that you are the one who loves you more, then turn the page and let it flow what he had seen and always thinking positively that the Universe will guard something much better, and will have to prepare for everything from great to good, and that's to come and you will be very happy in the days that saw, I miss you, come visit me and comment, have a beautiful night and the Brazil soccer is gaining nods U.S. , kisses!

daij said...

Wow. LOVE this piece.

I so feel it.

By the way, you can't go wrong with The Isley Brothers.

Alieux, From


Rhapsody B. said...

Learning the gift of goodbye is necessary.

People come into our lives for specific purposes. Perhaps this person came to show you the importance of trusting, valuing and honoring yourself in word, deeds and thoughts. Say thank you and move on, don't forget the lessons and don't allow the negatives of the time spent with said person outweigh the good that came from the journey.


Don said...

Perfectly sums up one of my mantras in life. Never, ever, allow ANYONE to steal my joy.

It happened once. Now I'm stronger and wiser.

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SpIcE said...

Beautifully written and greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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Yasir Yousuf said...

U r rightly called as 'Poetic_butterfly'..! :)
I'm impressed with the way u mixed ur emotions of ur broken heart..hats off to u..!


Crystal Gaston said...

I love your poetry it's beautiful.

Don said...

I just knew you had blessed us all with a poem or two. Lol.

LadyRai said...

Yes I'm with you! The ending caught me as well! Great personal expression!