Thursday, September 10, 2009

"The Name of the Game"


The name of the game"
Before you can open up to say hello, I'll tell you goodbye.
That's just the name of the game.
I'll get mines, before you get yours.
No ultimate real reason
There's no explanation needed.
That's just how it can be.
If you take a step back and realize shit for what it's really worth.
Trust to know
you can't really be oblivious to the facts.
If you are then,
you're walking into a fool's paradise with problems at your tail.
It's from my own personal experience... it's best for you too wise up.
I can tell you it's all a game plan for,
which if it goes well you're going to get played, laided and left.
Pretty shady huh? Ask the many who play this game how can they go on.
It's known that you can't hate the player or the game
because at the end ….it is what it is called the name of just a game.
Be smart and don't listen to everything a person may say for your next to getting played in the game; filled with sex, lies and deceptions.
By:   Poetic Butterfly     
©  C.P  04/11/2008


Tellmeasecret said...

wow, what a release, it is a game. Some play it while others get played. Just make sure you get that $200 when you pass go,lol. Write on, write on

Don said...

Haha @ make sure you collect $200. Good advice. I am of the belief that one cannot lose if they choose to not play the game. Some are clearly playing the game, but it's the ones who are masters of deception that give us the most problems in the end.