Thursday, September 10, 2009

"I Thank You"

I thank you
I thank you for doing what you had to do or shall I say meant to do
Letting me go so a better man could actually come through
Being together wasn’t meant  
For   nor I or you
I really congratulate that part of you,
Yet I actually thank you for doing what the hell you had to do
Which was break my heart
My heart was broken
But it will be okay and repaired, yet even better to be available for that real true love again.
But I’m cool
You acting brand new
So like I said it’s cool,
I’m much more of a stronger woman cause of you 
Shit even better than you fucking knew
I can’t promise you anything or my every thing
But like I said this I’ll keep the flashing good moments of you
I’ll do what I have to do which is keep the shit fucking cool
 To let go and move the hell on with life minusing you
In time I’ll be completely fine
Also at times I may even be hurt and shit untwined
But I’m a firm believer that all the things in life happens for a really good reason

So once again I’ll say this I thank you for being brand new
Acting like things were fucking cool, saying you” Loved me”, or “I loved you too” and with all that extra good shit with me as your fool.
(When shit wasn’t really true or in which I may and say add, was a case load of bullshit .....which of course fits you)

Me showing you loyalty, support and love wasn’t basically enough for you, and realizing that I, me, we and us………. can’t nor won’t be ……………or  even be, yet.. Ever ……fucking enough for you.

 Yes! I’m truly thankful, yet I am again  forever grateful for all of this cause it showed me that someone like me, couldn't never, nor wouldn’t ever be ... Simply enough for you!

Thank you, Best wishes and nice fucking life!

Signed Bitter
But will be...... even  fucking....better now that your not apart of  my new life!

By: Poetic_Butterfly 

©  C.P  05/20/2009


©  C.P  05/20/2009


Jaye Develle said...

Wow! This was well said all i can say is AMEN sweetheart!

Poetic_Butterfly said...

Thank you I appreciate your comment alot .....

Anonymous said...

this was a powerful release right here. thank god for pencils and pieces of paper and computer screens. write on, write on

Anonymous said...

I can tell this was written with deep emotion behind it. Very well done mam! -G.B.$.